1. How is such a high quality product  made in so little time?
With the launch of inpod, we have bought for the first time, into the market, a factory made monolithic structure. Inpod is built with the highest quality control. Our workers are trained on the latest composite technology to build these products. It uses technology which is in use in the marine and aviation industries to produce high quality and high performance structures. After 3 years of R&D at our factory we have developed a product that is of high quality and ready within a month. This is the first time that this technology is being used for construction purposes anywhere in the world, and the finish of our products is also world class.

2. Explain how its portability will be beneficial?
Inpod is built so that each pod fits easily on the back of a truck. Added to this the pods are low maintenance and can retain their glamourous looks even upto 50 years. This results in tremendous benefits to the owner. Site offices can now we relocated without destruction and homes can remain intact even if relocated elsewhere. Thus one can save lakhs of rupees in setting up another structure entirely from scratch.

3. It has a very international look and feel, is it an Indian product?
We are proud to say that inpod is an Indian product. The ‘In’, in inpod stands for India, we are in a new era where innovative products that are of highest quality are being made in India. The inventor Nilesh Jadhav, is a British trained architect, of Indian origin. He spent 3 years doing R&D on the technology, to develop inpod as it is today.

4. How is it different from what is already available in the market for half the cost?
It uses a combination of new technology and new patented material which has never been used for construction purposes in the past.

5.What is it made of?
It is made of a specially developed composite material, similar to the material used in crafting luxury yachts.

6. How long will it take to install?
Installation takes approx. 3 to 4 hours subject to meeting the standard site requirements on part of the customer. This does however depend on the size of your order.

7. How often can it be moved?
As often as you like, provided you use inpod’s specially trained team for relocation services. inpod products are specially designed to facilitate disassembly and reassembly in a matter of hours to suit your convenience.

8. What is required in the area, in terms of water/electrical supply?
Water supply is only required if you install a washroom. An electrical connection of 240 volts A/C with a socket to plug the pod into is a pre requisite at the site.

9. How much will it cost to move it?
Depends on the location and transportation method.

10. Do I have to call the inpod team to move the pod from one location to the other, and will I be charged again?
Yes, we are the best people to move it as individual pods need to be detached from each other and reinstalled on desired location and we have a specially trained team to do just this. You will be charged a relocation fee each time this service is used by you.

11. How many days will it take for my order to be delivered?
Approx. 40-60 days, may vary depending on the size of the order.

12. What is the guarantee of this product?
Materials used for constructing the inpod have a life of upto 70 years.

13. I can make a site office in 1/2 the cost then why inpod?
Because our products are far more durable than any other portable structure. They are reusable and thus offer better value for money. Once you are done using it in one location you can pick it up and take it to a new one with just a single phone call to us. What's more if you feel you would like to upgrade you can actually resell your inpod product at a very desirable cost and buy yourself a brand new one.
Moreover the unique scalable nature of inpod products makes it ideal for changing needs which is impossible to do with conventional structures.And because it needs only one phone call to order your inpod it saves you the hassle of constructing on your site and having to be worried about specifications and build quality that match your standards.

14. Why is it so expensive?
inpod is an inherently high value product.It uses a newly developed material which is high quality and longer lasting than most other construction materials. It uses new patented technology which originates from the manufacture of luxury yachts and considering that these yachts cost several thousand dollars, when we brought this technology to terrestrial uses it was a challenge in itself to bring the cost down and make it affordable to the consumer. And it comes fully equipped with everything that you would need to get started (plug and play). In addition, all of our fittings are of exceptionally high standards and top of the line.
All our offices and villas are also reusable. Inpod products are therefore not expensive at all but in fact they are worth every penny to the end user.

15. What is composite and how is it better?
Our pods are made of specially developed composite material called INSKIN which uses FRP structural elements and core insulation. It is much stronger and has greater aesthetic appeal, than any other material ever used for construction in the past; especially when you compare it with any other portable or pre-fabricated structure available in the market, in India as well as internationally.

16. How can I sell more flats with the help of this pod?
We live in a world where image is everything today, with our exceptional pod as your site office, half your job is done-'first impression is the last’. Time is money and your office can be put up on location even before you actually start the foundation of your construction, hence more sales much faster. You no longer need to wait to build your office in order to start the sales. When your clients are entertained in such a high quality office, they're automatically sure of your final outcome being of high quality. So now there's no need to have a sample flat or any other site office ready before initiating sales.

17. Where can I see an actual pod?
Do visit our display office in Mahape to experience our different pods. You can also connect with us to arrange for site visits to our customer sites in Mumbai

18. Where can I find more information on your products?
Please do visit the website www.inpod.in regularly for updates, and special offers. We are also on facebook, www.facebook.com/inpod or you can drop in at our sales office at Mahape at any time from Monday to Saturday between 10 AM to 6PM.

19. Can we make a G+1 structure like this?
Yes we can make a G+1 structure like this. We have done this successfully for our client HYDAC, who have gained considerable space, without using more by constructing a structure on top of their original inpod office this year.

20. Can it withstand all weather conditions?
The inpods have been specially built to withstand all types of weather conditions. INPODs can also withstand earthquakes, fire and combat corrosion. Moreover, the highly insular nature of PU used in the composition of INSKIN blocks the atmospheric heat and regulates the pods’ interior temperature with minimum outside assistance.
Suitable to heavy rain conditions it remains weather proof. Moreover the material is similar to what is used in the manufacturing of luxury yachts and hence being near the sea has much less impact on inpod offices. The products have unmatched quality with a lifespan of over 50 years and still maintains the look and feel of being brand new with very low maintenance requirements.