Because of the unique ‘Plug and Play’ nature of inpod modules; it will be the perfect solution for many of our infrastructural problems in an ever changing and constantly demanding world. inpod is not only a consumer product for your work and recreational need, but also fills the existing gap for smart building solutions.

Each pod has built-in provisions to connect seamlessly and effortlessly with other pods. As an outcome of our extensive research and development, a pod can be added or separated from the main MEP connection within minutes. This makes the maintenance, replacement and upgradation of pods remarkably easy, and the construction of a complex building possible even in a short time.


The effortlessness and speed with which inpod structures can be assembled or relocated makes it ideal for a high quality alternative to conventional temporary marketing or exhibition stalls as well as kiosks for toll booths, etc. The durability and integral strength of the materials used in the production ensure that each module or structure can be reused and recycled numerous times.


The inpod FOB is constructed using the standard 5m pods and a lightweight structural steel frame. The insulating properties of inpod structures ensure you of cool and pleasant surroundings. Besides, it provides the civic authorities an opportunity to have additional licensed retail activity across the length of the bridge and on the mid-landing area.


The use of inpod as the basic module for a service station brings new retail and advertising opportunities as well as exceptional consistency of design and quality. Besides, the fire resistant quality of inskin composite material makes inpod modular system perfectly suitable for service stations.